Focus: KerPass project


Delivering one time password and digital signature on low end mobile phones

  • Mobile application developed using java micro edition and windows mobile C#.
  • Reached 'Java Verified' certification.
  • Server side api developped using java enterprise edition.

Focus: SOSme project

iphone map sos map

Iphone social mapping application focusing on privacy and security (emergency alert system)

  • Mobile application developped using iphone OS sdk.
  • App store distribution.
  • Web support system developped using python Pylons, and Postgresql geographical extensions.

Focus: XDI project

sos map

Iphone application enabling voice reporting in an Health information system.

  • Mobile application developped using iphone OS sdk
  • Private distribution
  • Web API developped using .net framework and Oracle.


Enabling a end user to interact with an application relying only on a mobile handset is currently achievable using different approaches, those being mobile web, interaction over sms and on terminal dedicated applications. Those approaches are not mutually exclusive and have strength and weaknesses depending upon the perspective you take (difficulty of deployment, cost, user experience quality...).

We have experience with all of those technology and can help you select the best for purpose.