Some of our realisations being protected by non disclosure agreements, they can not be listed here.


  • Ekoroad

  • Ekoroad
  • Ekoroad


  • Advanced carpooling web application built in Python using Django and Tornado web frameworks on top of postgresql/postgis database and relying on the openstreetmap dataset. The service also includes a complete email application allowing users to complete transaction relying only on their email client.
  • Ekoroad currently covers more than 100,000 destination accross Europe. It distinguish itself from other carpooling applications by the advanced uses it makes of geographical data. As an example of this, each `trip offer` is automatically indexed accross the road network in order to match any possible along the road destination.


  • SOSme service

    IphoneMap thumbnail WebMap thumbnail
    Iphone social mapping application and browser based application. SOSme allows following position of known friends on web and phone. An alert system allows informing friends in case of personal emergency.
  • Application distribution portail

    A web application designed for mobile handset that allows to deliver handset specific content (eg executable for mobile app). Distribution can be initiated by pushing a special sms down to end user handset.
  • Central authentication/transaction validation service

    A web service API, that allows to register mobile token on behalf of affiliated web applications and validate one time password or ECDSA digital signature produced by end user handset. A web application allows to administrate affiliated web application realm. KerPass thumbnail
  • Mobile digital signature using ECDSA

    Java enabled cellular phone are being used to generate ECDSA digital signature. Secure protocol have been implemented for key establishment and transfer of content onto phone.
  • Two factors authentication using OATH one time passwords

    Mobile thumbnail

    Java enabled cellular phones are being used to generate one time passwords. One time passwords can be checked against an online web service. The system provides secure key establishment and key rollover in case of resynchronisation.

  • XDI application

    Iphone thumbnail Iphone voice reporting application part of an health information system.
  • Two factors authentication using sms passcodes

    After an application initiated enrollment, end user will be authenticated by showing passcode delivered by sms. Different type of messages can be delivered (singlePass, multiPass) allowing to optimize cost of operation.

Petroleum Industry

  • Online operation reports

    Users can interact though the web to collectively construct reports aggregating different roles. Users are accurately contained within their operational roles.
  • Advanced Web based Drilling Progress Monitoring

    A large collection of timed event related to the construction of a petroleum well can be edited and searched through advanced web interface. User can interact with project progress curves and rapidly retrieve collection of event by selecting an area of the progress curve.
  • Field Ticket application

    Allow reporting the delivery of complex goods and services and follow up bill approval and payment.
  • Versioned Planning Support

    Plan are prone to change... This web application helps its users continuously reconstruct the activities plan and going back in time to accurately track what was changed.

Web media

  • Knowledge market place

    Promising community site which allows share of knowledges. News de star thumbnail

  • Thematic content sites

    A framework allowing to power actuality sites (people,sport...etc). News de star thumbnail

  • Professional web press Cms

    The Cerise cms allows to merge multimedia content (text, photos, video, podcast ...) and accurately mount it/visualize it onto end site stages. Cerise has been designed to support quality web magazine and power the production of online learning course packages. Additional modules allow to schedule and validate publication. Cms thumbnail


Graphical art

  • Multimedia fashion site

    Multimedia animated website presenting the collections of French fashion designer Christophe Josse Fashion Site thumbnail
  • High quality pdf generation

    The marketing guys want to be able to generate catalogs through the web , we have constructed several data entry modules to make their life easier and support their requirement to nail down custom color profile and fonts into the final documents.

Web Infrastructure

  • Online versioned file system

    Enable defining and sharing online arbitrary hierarchies of file folders that contains versioned documents. Offers a custom interface for web crawlers to allow efficient search engine indexation of the document collection.
  • Web application hierarchical role based access control

    The system has been designed to offer workable solution to recurring problems in access control for web application that are used accross hierarchical organization.