Custom applications for Enterprises

If you want to improve/modernize your business processes by deploying custom mobile and web applications you can rely on our expertise.

We can help you formulating your requirements taking into account what your existing Information Systems (relational databases, ERP, existing applications...) provide.

We can then develop the applications you need targeting Android or IOS mobile platforms or alternatively the ubiquituous web browser. We can develop the servers that will connect those applications to your existing IT infrastructure.

MVP software development for Startups

Startup companies need to be able to rapidly present a minimum viable product (MVP) and adapt its content to test market demand.

We understand this demanding context very well, and we can help you with the following services :

  • Realistic estimation of the development effort required by your project detailling proposed technological choice
  • Agile development sprint including delivery guarantees for the planned features
  • Administration of the servers environment necessary to support your service

Outsourcing for IT Companies

As an IT company, you may need to expand your development team to better serve your customers. At AmvTek we value quality over quantity and long term partnership.

If you need to expand one of your project team, let us know about your requirements, we will give you a reliable answer.

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